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UCLA NUS Executive MBA Program Jochen Wirtz Academic Director Abusive Egomaniac Overpaid Fraud

November 22, 2012

In the spring of 2012, Professor Wirtz abused and humiliated a student in the UCLA NUS Executive MBA Program. He condoned slanderous, defamatory and derogatory actions from select students that were directed at the abused student on a continuing basis and had obvious contempt for that student.  Director Wirtz condescendingly opined “There are always several aspects and perspectives to everything, even if they appear to be obvious – they never are.” in an email dated April 26, 2012 to the abused student after a written complaint was received. The Dean claimed free speech as the defense in an email dated August 14, 2012 “we do not have authority to control the free speech of your fellow students.” after repeated complaints to staff were lodged by the abused student.

The abused student was unjustly denied a refund of the $22,000 of fees paid in advance for the two weeks of class (continued torment and harassment), after repeated requests, not including the travel/lodging/hospital costs to&from and in Singapore (another $6,000). The abused student suffered untold damage beyond these out-of-pocket costs.

The Asian Business Environment and Economics Professors were also poor instructors who used outdated material and were pitiful communicators.

Professor Wirtz UCLA NUS EMBA Program Director watches as his students (“executives”) get a tour of Marina Bay Sands, Singapore, in May 2012 from Mr. Mohd Noor Spono, Human Resources Assistant Manager at the MB Sands, as part of his high $$$$ class. Wirtz is pictured with his head turned away and leaning on a fountain while another does the teaching for his class in Services Marketing.

Professors at UCLA Anderson School of Management are paid an obscene $400,000 to $500,000 US in annual salary. Director Wirtz spoke openly about his staff getting paid bonuses for each student who continues on to graduate.

Proof of participation-see photo.


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